Our lives consist of stories. Our own invisible bookcase. It might be perfectly organised from A to Z. Maybe it is overcrowded. Or it contains only a small pile of dog-eared books.

We create our own stories. Friends and strangers drag us into theirs. We are main characters and extras. And we enjoy stories that are not our own; invented stories that we are only too happy to accept as true. Stories to relax, to comfort, to frighten, to distract, to teach and to lead us. A glimpse into another world.

Poems. Love songs. A polaroid that takes you to one moment. 40-minute-episodes nicely divided into beginning, middle and end with fabulous one-liners. Novels that can never be big enough. Short stories. Adventure movies. Magical moments.

On this blog I collect all kinds of stories and hope to create my own in the process.

I am a dreamer, geek, overthinker and perfectionist. In love with everything that has to do with paper, books, writing or photography. Addicted to books, reading, music, superheroes, cats, good food, wallpaper, nature, vintage dresses, guitars, Scandinavia and Scotland.

Big hug,


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